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What Our Patients Say About Us

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Nancy W.

WOW! Experiencing left leg numbness – I was worried for 3 weeks it wouldn’t go away. My doctor took X-rays and referred me to Dr. Hawkins. I am so excited – this is my 3rd visit and I feel awesome! The exercises and Chiropractic care were exactly what was needed. Great office, nice staff, in and out quickly and efficiently, but not hurried. Answered all my questions and helped with additional vitamin therapy.

Chiropractic Care
Nancy F.

I have suffered from migraine headaches and neck pain for many years. Other doctors wanted to put me on meds that I would take for the rest of my life. Yet they had no real diagnosis of my pain. I went to see Dr. Hawkins and it has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Dr. Hawkins is thorough and kind and has minimized my pain from 10 to 3 in only 3 visits! I am amazed and encourage you not to wait as long as I did!

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Bonnie H.

I grew up going to a Chiropractor for sports injuries and what not, but have never had an experience resembling what I get with Dr. Hawkins. Very rarely do you see Chiropractors as devoted to long term healing vs. short term adjustments as you do with Dr. Hawkins. In the beginning, he didn’t just tell me what I needed, he taught me – explained why this and what with that so I can better understand my treatment and therefore I am also in control. They send me emails of stretches I can do at home to help make my adjustments stick and therefore reach the long term goal of getting my body back in whack. He took away my headaches like “that,” and I can actually feel my body getting better.

Aside from an awesome Chiropractor, he is a good man who seems genuinely concerned that I actually get better, not just keeping me coming back for more. Their office is a very comfortable set up, casual, friendly but not intrusive and just all around a positive place to be.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ

I have been to many Chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Hawkins has been the best. I have had 5 visits so far and my results have been amazing, I have been able to increase my physical activity for the 1st time in months. I hiked the trails at Thunderbird Park this past weekend. Dr Hawkins knowledge and expertise have started me on the path to pain free.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Shirley S. Blair

I had acute pain in my left hip. I could not walk, sit, and lay comfortably. As I looked for a chiropractor on line it was the testimonies that persuaded me to choose Dr. Hawkins. I called for an appointment and was able to see him that day at 5:30. Dr Hawkins adjusted bones and massaged my muscles on my left leg. The pain in the hip was less and tingling in my leg was gone. He then put the pads on my hip for the pulsation to penetrate my hip muscle. As I went to pay for the services the tingling came back in my leg and Dr. Hawkins took me back in and massaged my muscles again. I made an appointment for two days later. The pain was so minimal that I almost didn’t go. While at the second visit Dr. Hawkins checked the pressure of my weight on my feet by scanning them. Found that the pressure was not equal and how I was standing and walking could have a lot to do with the pain in my body. I plan to buy a pair of the supports to prevent further pain and to try to keep my body in the best shape possible.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Sandy Vogt

Hi, I’m Sandy. I’m an RN who loves to ride Harleys. I just moved here from PA 4 months ago. Riding involves bumpy roads & helmets that can sometimes cause painful necks & headaches. After settling in to a new home and job it was time to find a new Chiropractor to take care of my painful – very hard to turn neck and headaches. Headaches that had taken me straight to Urgent Care for a Rx for Vicodin for my now migraines. I found Align Chiropractic and Dr. Hawkins where I find most everything else I need to research – on the Internet. My first appointment with Dr. Hawkins was a thorough exam, education, and plan of care centered around my pain control & relief – without meds – my preferred treatment plan. After my first treatment my pain was at least 50% decreased from when I entered his office. By the second adjustment my pain was down to at least 75% of the original. Today I go for treatment #3, I am now headache free, can turn my head & look up and down without pain. Plus, I don’t even need Tylenol or Aleve anymore. Thanks Dr. Hawkins, I’m glad I found you!!

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
David W.

Recently experienced significant pain in my shoulders and neck, so much so that I couldn’t work. Dr. Hawkins works quickly and aggressively to not only eliminate the pain, but to develop long term strategies to correct lingering problems and bring my body back up to its fullest capabilities. The staff is professional and very hospitable. They knew my story, and were personally interested in me as an individual. This was a great experience in comparison to many health care providers I have experienced in the past. I definitely recommend this provider and their services to anyone who needs legitimate chiropractic care.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Mark Wallace

What a wonderful experience! Dr. Jason Hawkins is the real thing, a very studied physician, a gentleman that truly cares. He DOES know his science, and coupled with a heart of service. He and Amber really helped me on the first visit. Thank you Amber & Dr. Jason.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Jenn & Family

Hey There Everyone!

Dr. Hawkins is the best Chiropractor I have ever had!! I spent a year previously with another chiropractor and my right shoulder still had limited mobility at best. After only 3 visits with Dr. Hawkins I had full range of motion and every visit brings me closer to a PAIN FREE body!!!

Dr. Hawkins has an open minded approach to full body health and is aware of the newest resources available to achieve just that. He is approachable and full of positive energy, so every visit (even when I don’t feel so good) makes me feel better. He works very hard to help me and my kids despite the various obstacles that happen in our everyday lives and I appreciate it GREATLY!!!

You are on your way to a healthier life if you are here.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Joanne R.

I sought a Chiropractor due to my left arm being numb and tingly. I desired a Chiropractor instead of my regular physician as I wanted to heal my pain rather than masking it with pain medication. I went to Google on the Internet and put in “Chiropractor in 85053”. I was so very fortunate to find Dr. Hawkins; Align Chiropractic. Each visit relieves a little more pain.

Dr. Hawkins truly cares about his patients; he listens to what is being asked of him and, in my opinion, has miraculous hands. He is totally thorough in diagnosing your ailment(s) and compassionate about healing pain. His assistant, Amber, is amazing with all patients. She always interacts with genuine empathy and is very knowledgeable in the Chiropractic field. While I have a way to go for complete recovery, I could not ask for a better Chiropractor.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Kerry B.

I first came to see Dr. Hawkins for pain in my neck and chronic headaches. After 2 visits, no headaches and I like the fact that he does soft tissue work and was able to release my shoulder from an old injury. This is my third visit and I already feel more than 50% better. I’m going to continue seeing Dr. Hawkins so I can continue my career as a massage therapist.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Susan R.

I googled inexpensive Chiropractor in my area of Phoenix, AZ and found Align Chiropractic on the web with high recommendation. I am one that has to earn trust and from my first conversation with Amber on the phone my mind was set at ease. She answered all my questions on insurance and car accident handling. Upon meeting the doctor he is so thorough and has a great bedside manner. He is there to ensure that the patient (I) in this case was comfortable. I do not handle pain well and was in a car accident from the front and rear, at each visit I would go in tears and come out in relief. I would recommend this business to anyone, especially people who need to be proven trust in a male doctor. You will not be disappointed.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ
Emily L.

Thank God I live in the same zip code as Align Chiropractic! My life is infinitely better after being treated with dignity and compassion from both Amber and Dr. Hawkins at Align Chiropractic. Not only did they relieve the pain I had when I first came to see them. They actually went further by explaining my condition to me and addressing the cause of my symptoms. I’ve been going to them for well over a month now and they are still bringing new treatment options to my attention as I progress. I am confident that with Dr. Hawkins expertise my issues will be resolved permanently. I wish all doctors showed up to my appointments with as much enthusiasm and concern as Dr. Hawkins. Thank you both. 😉

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ

I have had lower back issues for over 30 years and have been to several chiropractors over the years and have had numerous and various methodologies applied, most with good success. My most recent episode lead me to Dr. Hawkins because of the close proximity to my house. I was very pleased with his techniques, thoroughness and professionalism in treating my condition. He spent time with me without feeling rushed and his sincerity and self confidence was well appreciated and his adjustment was very healing and timely. I highly recommend Dr. Hawkins to anyone who needs professional care.

Chiropractics Surprise, AZ

After just a handful of treatments I would like to say thank you to Dr. Jason Hawkins and his excellent staff for making me feel better so far with more energy, more sleep, and a general well being in such a short time. Still on going, I intend to continue to strive to be pain free – so far so good! I am even back to shooting baskets at age 58. Wow!

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