Your Initial Visit

Surprise Medical CareAs your Surprise Chiropractor, Align Medical and Chiropractic, we make your chiropractic visits a pleasant one. When you first walk in, our office manager Amber, will greet you with a big smile and have you sign in. If you are a new patient, Amber will have you fill out papers explaining your current condition you are experiencing. If you are an existing patient, we start your therapies immediately since your time is valuable and we care about your positive experience at our Surprise Chiropractor Location.

What To Expect At Align

We take the time to explain everything first. Your visit will consist of a thorough consultation, physical examination, postural analysis, and possible X-Rays if needed. For those interested, we also offer a digital foot orthotics scan. The reason why we are so thorough and extensive with our examinations is because we want to get all the facts about your past physical health, your physical abilities, and find the reasons for your physical discomforts so that we may take the appropriate steps and correct your condition safely and effectively. We also take x-rays to help identify problem areas that may be the cause or adding to your condition. You might be wondering why we are focused on your feet by providing a foot orthotics exam – it is not to treat foot or ankle pain. Your feet create the foundation for your spine. So if we can correct your imbalances in your feet, then it will add to preventing further injury by balancing out your spine.

We will explain the results of your X-rays (if taken), physical exam, foot orthotics scan, and postural analysis to recommend treatment options and help you become functional and pain free. We really take the time needed to help you understand why you need the therapies and how everything will be performed so you have complete confidence and feel completely comfortable with your Surprise Chiropractor.


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