Trigger Point Therapy in Surprise, AZ

At Align Medical & Chiropractic, we offer pain management services for auto accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries and painful conditions, while keeping costs low and by accepting most insurance providers. To aid in a quick and full recovery, we offer trigger point therapy at our Surprise, Arizona medical center location. Trigger point shots can be used in addition with other forms of therapy to manage your pain. Our treatments will help you return to your daily routines without experiencing pain.

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger Points are knots of muscle that form within muscles or the fascia tissue (connecting tissue surrounding muscles). The knots of muscle form in muscles that Trigger Point Therapy Injection in Surprise, AZsuffer from muscles spasms or constant tension. The constant tension can result in myofascial pain, tinnitus(ringing in the ears), tension headaches, temporomandibular join pain, decreased range of motion in the legs, and upper and lower back pain.

Trigger Points are often a symptom of musculoskeletal disorders. Which include myofascial pain syndrome, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and fibromyalgia. And such pains can also be caused by acute trauma or repeated minor injuries or micro trauma.

What Is Trigger Point Therapy?

To put it simply, trigger point therapy (TPI) is a bodywork technique that involves a shot of anesthetic where the muscles are tender. The purpose of the treatment is to relax the muscles. Medical professionals will give a shot directly onto the areas of pain for almost immediate pain relief and relaxation.

The benefits of this therapy are the following; increased blood flow to muscles, allowing you to perform deeper, therapeutic stretches. And secondly, promote recovery from injuries that resulted in such pain.

Trigger point therapy has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for chronic pains caused by tight muscles. The outpatient procedure is a quick and efficient. The process is easy, you can be in and out within minutes so you can continue to go about your day – free from pain.

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The Process

  • Medical professional will perform assessment to discover Trigger Points
  • Depending on where you receive the TPI, you may be sitting or standing
  • Therapist will insert an anesthetic where you are experiencing pain
  • Treatment should be followed by physical therapy or stretching exercises
  • Combine Trigger Point Therapy with other treatments for best results
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