Joint Care

A joint connect the bones all throughout your body. Joints link the whole skeletal system causing the body to function as a whole. The joints located in the knee, joints throughout the bodyelbow and shoulder are self lubricating, meaning these body parts are basically friction-less. Your knees, elbows and shoulders are able to maintain heavy loads, tolerate compression while performing precise movements.

The cartilage and synovial fluid inside your body act as a lubricant and a cushion for the joints so that your bones do not rub together. Aging, being over weight,
injury or even sitting the wrong way can damage your joints and can eventually lead to arthritis.

Joint Treatment

Here at Align Medical and Chiropractic, we offer joint care to patients suffering from joint pain and restricted joint mobility. We specialize in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of joint injuries as well as the complete musculoskeletal system.

Many of times, our joint care treatments consist of making sure your skeletal framework is aligned correctly through chiropractic methods as well as assuring that your muscles do not have any trigger points. In many cases, the combination of pain management and chiropractic care allow our patients to heal correctly and naturally, so that the body is at it’s most optimized state for natural repair.

Caring For Your Joints

Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight helps with the prevention of arthritis. Low impact exercises such as aerobics, swimming or bicycling are good at increasing your heart rate and can reduce joint swelling. Try to avoid sitting for long periods at a time. If you are in a situation where you have to sit for long periods of time, then change positions frequently. Take frequent breaks at work, stretch or go for a short walk. The less you move, the more stiff your joints become.

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