Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow treatment at Align Medical &ChiropracticThe medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. Tennis elbow is very common and usually heals from little to no treatment, but you have to give it time and rest. Even though very little people are diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis are tennis players, the term ‘tennis elbow’ is popular and is used widely by patients and doctors alike.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

When playing tennis, you put a lot of stress on your forearm. If you do not use proper technique when hitting the ball, you can put even more stress on those muscles that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow, causing the tendons to tear. If you participate in any type of racquet sports, then you have a greater chance of getting tennis elbow.

Patients also experience this type of pain from jobs or activities that involve repetitive arm motions. Playing musical instruments, painting, carpentry and tree-cutting are common professions where individuals experience tennis elbow. We also see it in assembly line workers, cooks and butchers.

Tennis elbow should not be confused with golfer’s elbow. With golfer’s elbow, the focus area of pain is inside the arm, or elbow.

Common Symptoms

Experiencing pain on the outside of your arm is the most common symptom. If you fail to rest your elbow, the ache turns into a chronic pain within a few weeks. For some patients, it is too painful to even touch or rub. You will find it very difficult to hold things or pick up items. Sometimes, both arms are affected by tennis elbow.

Treatment With Align Medical

Most of the time, physical therapy and exercise can treat tennis elbow. Many patients take aspirin to avoid pain, which we do not recommend.

When you come in for your initial consultation, the medical professional will do a few tests to see if you do actually have tennis elbow. If needed, a MRI scan will be ordered for you. If you are experiencing chronic pain in your arm, than call (623) 229-6193 to schedule your consultation now!

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