Stress & Tension Treatment

When someone begins to experience stress, the muscles naturally tense up. This is the body’s way of trying to protect itself from injury or pain. The tension in the body releases once the stress passes. But if you are experiencing chronic stress, you will have tension in the muscles for longer periods of time.

Common Symptoms of Stress & Tension:

Musculoskeletal System

Sometimes stress and tension in the body can be a result of a previous injury. Individuals who do not like to experience pain and are afraid of re-injury will usually create their own stress and tension in their body. You will also be more susceptible to stress and pain in your body if you do not participate in physical activity or if you do not exercise on a regular basis. Call (623) 229-6193 for more information now!

Nervous System

When the body becomes stressed, the nervous system triggers the body to physically react, causing tension within the body. If you are experiencing chronic stress, your nervous system is always sending out signals to the body to react. This can be draining on the body. Over time, the result of this is wear and tear on the body.

Treatment Plans At Align Medical

To keep the muscles in your body from tensing up, the medical professionals from Align Medical & Chiropractic suggest you exercise on a regular basis or participate in some type of physical activity a few times throughout the month. There are also several relaxation techniques that are able to reduce muscle tension and increase your well being that we can share with you.

We always recommend that you try your best to avoid prescribed and over the counter pain medications. They only provide temporary relief, compared to managing the pain and treating the condition. Schedule your initial consultation online or feel free to give us a call.

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