Jaw Pain Treatment

The medical term for pain in your jaw and the muscles in your face is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The temporomandibular is the joint that connects your jawbone to your skull. This allows you to move your jaw so you can talk, chew food and yawn. The following can lead to TMJ Disorder:

  • Grinding/Clenching Your Teeth
  • Arthritis
  • Stress
  • Genetics

Treatment to reduce pain in your jawCommon Symptoms

Patients who suffer from TMJ experience severe pain and discomfort.This pain can last for many years or be temporary. It is more common in women compared to men and it can affect one or both sides of your face. Your may have toothaches, headaches, neck pain, ringing in the ears, shoulder pain, earaches or dizziness.

Other Symptoms May Include:

  • Swelling Around The Jaw
  • Trouble Chewing
  • Pain When Opening Your Mouth
  • Pain In Your Face
  • Clicking/Popping In The Jaw
  • Treatment Options

Trying to become more aware of what habits is causing your discomfort will help reduce the pain you are experiencing in your jaw. Whether it’s chewing pencils, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, eliminating the habit will help you in the future. You can also try cutting your food into small pieces and eating soft foods. Stay away from chewing gum, chewy candy and sticky foods. Apply heat or ice on the side of your face to reduce pain.

In this modern world, patients are becoming smarter and are avoiding over-the-counter medication and surgery. Once diagnosed, the medical professionals at Align Medical and Chiropractic will offer a combination of counseling, physical therapy and if needed, mouth guards and oral splints to help reduce the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

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