Back Pain Treatment in Arizona

Back pain is one type of pain and many people tend to push through, believing that the issue will resolve itself. In many cases, it worsens which then results in daily Back Pain Treatment in Arizonadiscomfort and restriction of mobility. Pain, is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. This message should never be ignored. The equivalent of this would be driving your car around Phoenix, even though there is a horrible grating sound coming from under the hood.

Causes of Back Pain

There are basically two causes of back pain. Every joint in your back is filled with nerves that stem out into the body. When a joint isn’t moving right, the result can be nerves that are pinched off. They respond by sending pain signals to the brain.

The other possibility is that the discs are gradually moving too close together. As the pulpy material between the discs is forced outward, it will also put pressure on those nerves, causing pain signals.

Back Pain Relief Options

There are several options when it comes to back pain. You can choose to ignore it. However, the problems will not just go away. Expect the pain to continue getting worse even as your mobility gradually shrinks and declines.

Bed rest is often turned to, but this can make the problem worse. Quite often, it’s sleeping in the wrong position that initially causes the joints to move out of alignment. Therapy can actually put more stress on these joints, inadvertently making the problem worse.

Medication is fine for temporary relief of the pain, but it does nothing to actually cure the problem. Making matters worse, the medication will provide you with the ability to move more and you could inadvertently aggravate the condition. Surgery is an absolute last resort as it is the most serious and permanent option. It’s also one that doesn’t always work.

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