Conditions We Treat

Our medical and chiropractic center treats a wide range of injuries and medical conditions for patients of all ages. We provide pain relief to individuals who are suffering from back pain, neck pain and a number of other conditions that cause chronic pain. Chronic pain is due to a musculoskeletal disorder that has the ability to affect the nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints throughout the body.

Recover From Your Injury

Injuries happen and are an everyday part of life. Some are able to recover from their injury fairly quickly while others are not so lucky. If you are someone that does not heal from your injury quickly, don’t lose hope just yet. It may be an underlying medical issue that needs to be cared for. Changing your diet, exercise and other living habits are all other options that might be considered.

Align Medical & Chiropractic

Injuries can be a frustrating part of life. We always recommend that you try to relax and seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are not able to seek professional help, remember to do the following:

  • Warm and Cold Packs
  • Supports and Braces
  • Move Gently
  • Diet
  • Believe You Can!
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