Chiropractic Care Discount Program

We understand, that sometimes attaining the proper chiropractic care you need, may not be covered by your insurance provider to the fullest, or, you may not have health insurance at all.

This should not stop you from receiving the chiropractic treatment your body needs.

That is why we have teamed up with ChiroHealthUSA, to help individuals and families receive the chiropractic treatments they deserve. ChiroHealthUSA is a chiropractic discount program that allows you to take advantage of many of your chiropractic expenses. Being accepted into the program is guaranteed and can even be used by not only yourself, but also immediate members of your family. This program is not a replacement for your insurance, but a supplement to it if your currently do have insurance that underinsures chiropractic care.

To learn more about the ChiroHealthUSA chiropractic discount program, or to sign up, please visit them here.

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