Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments is a common therapeutic treatment for lower back pain. Also known as a chiropractic manipulation, the goal of this treatment is to reduce subluxation, or the abnormal movements of the joints located in your back. By reducing subluxation, the patient will increase range of motion.

The trained medical specialist will use a small instrument or their hands to apply force, while under control, to a spinal joint. This spinal manipulation method is used to correct structural alignment and will improve your body’s physical function. Patients who seek chiropractic adjustments are usually suffering from back pain, neck pain or headaches. DO NOT seek chiropractic adjustments if you are suffering from the following:

  • Instability in the spineCall (623) 229-6193 to schedule your appointment now!
  • Risk of stroke
  • Cancer in spine
  • Numbness, tingling in arm or leg
  • Severe osteoporosis

What To Expect During Your Appointment

During the adjustment, your medical specialist place you on a padded chiropractic table. Although you are usually lying face down, the chiropractor will place you in specific positions while lying down to treat the infected areas. You may hear popping and cracking noises as the medical specialist moves and adjust the joints in your back.

Patients see faster healing times from combining different therapies along with chiropractic adjustments. Exercise, stretching, massages, heat and/or ice are all beneficial additional therapies. Some patients experience minor side effects a few days after the chiropractic adjustment. These symptoms include headache, fatigue or pain in areas of the body that was treated.

Align Medical & Chiropractic

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